Star Knowledge is dedicated to Peace on Earth. Through Teachings & Gatherings, Wisdom Keepers of Turtle Island share their message, dream and vision with the People of the World. Honoring all Relations, we share The Symbols, Sacred Messages and Sacred Art of the Laws of Creation to help awaken Human Beings’ understanding that WE ARE GUARDIANS of Mother Earth. Our knowing is to instill the Light on Earth, to help our Brothers and Sisters of the Four Directions awaken and begin the Age of Golden Light. We share a 13-Moon natural calendar, activating human DNA Light encoding, anchoring the 11:11-12:12-13:13 (codes), the Universal and Spiritual Laws, in ancient ceremony. Know the good you can do for Mother Earth and All the Relations . . . unto Seven Generations and beyond. O sa da dv. Mitakuyé Oyasi? Order:

The 2015 EarthStar Way Calendar and The Star Knowledge Sacred Books:

Presentations: Grandmother SilverStar

Chief Standing Elk/Chief Golden Light Eagle/Chief Black Spotted Horse

Chief Blue Star Eagle

We share 52,000 year old Sacred Spiritual Knowledge known as the “Ancient MorningStar Teachings of Creator.”

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